Kush-N-Hop Founder Angela Geis

Angie in judo uniform

Lacuna Botanicals helped me get back in the game!

I’ve always been an athlete and a competitor. In high school, I led our basketball team to state championships, then moved up to Class 1-A ball in college. It taught me discipline and dedication, but most of all it gave me a feeling of pride that I could succeed through my own efforts. It’s hard to say just how much that means when you have a severe visual impairment.

Being blind from birth, you face a lot of hardships and problems that most people don’t realize. Basketball was a way for me to not only fit in, but to be the best. After college, I passed that along by coaching high school girls teams, teaching them to succeed like I did.

Over the years I lost a lot of my remaining vision – progressing glaucoma as well as multiple cornea failures have left me with minimal vision in only one eye. That meant I couldn’t play basketball or coach on the court any longer. But then I found a way to compete again. Five years ago, I began training in a local dojo and learning the sport of Para-Judo. Quickly I was able to rise and compete at US Nationals and even travel to the 2015 IBSA World Cup in South Korea with Team USA. What I didn’t expect was how different an individual sport like Judo is compared to the team sports I was used to.

After just missing the 2016 Paralympic team, I was determined to be on top for 2020. I was training hard in both Judo and Jujitsu, but I sustained a significant muscle injury in early 2018. So I missed out the first rounds of qualification competition. The physical demands of a contact sport like Judo are high, and now that I’m over 50 the wear and tear are harder to overcome.

During my recovery, I found Lacuna Botanicals and their Deep Tissue CBD cream. After trying every other product I could find, the Deep Tissue CBD cream was the first to really ease the pain of my injury. That’s helped me get back in the game and back on the mat in my dojo. It really works miracles.

Because my vision continues to decrease, travel is very important to me. Already, I’ve been to all 50 states and traveled to Europe and Asia. But I want to be able to see as much of the world as I can while I still have vision. Navigating the world can be stressful without vision, and I’ve found that CBD infused oils help ease that strain. The fact that Lacuna products are all natural essential oils is important to me because, as an athlete, I have to pay attention to what products I use and what I put in my body.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story. And I hope that you find as much benefit from CBD products from Lacuna Botanicals as I have.