CBD vs. THC?


CBD is the therapeutic component in cannabis and was de-scheduled in the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD does not have mind-altering effects. Instead, it works to reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system. For that reason, CBD can help to ease joint pain, reduce swelling, soothe muscle and body aches, and rejuvenate your body. CBD will not cause a positive test for marijuana use.


THC is the mind-altering component in cannabis and is Federally regulated. THC has beneficial effects for specific severe and debilitating medical conditions. If you think you might benefit from medicinal THC, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health or your state medical marijuana program administrator.


Terpenes are the flavors and aromatic components of all plants. There are many different terpenes, and each plant produces its own unique blend. When used in combination with CBD, different terpenes will give different effects. Lacuna Botanicals has studied these effects and blends terpene extracts to produce specific effects – restorative, energizing, relaxing, or a balance of all three.

Unlike other brands, Lacuna Botanicals uses pure CBD isolate, not a broad-spectrum “hemp extract”. That means we are reporting the actual CBD content for full potency, making our products highly effective and consistent. Pure CBD isolate also means that our oils contain no THC, as verified by independent laboratory testing.

Zero THC, no side effects, no safety concerns

Blended essential oils from 36 different botanicals for premium scent, flavor, and effectiveness

Products distributed by Kush-n-Hop do not contain THC.

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