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Welcome to Kush-n-Hop!

We are proud to be the Midwest distributors for Lacuna Botanicals and their full line of health and skin care products infused with natural botanical oils and pure CBD isolate.

There are so many new CBD stores popping up, and it’s easy to get confused.  Kush-n-Hop is here to help.  You’ll find the basics here to get familiar with CBD isolate and its benefits.  But we’d also be happy to talk with you to find the relief you’re looking for.  Just give us a call and we’ll help select the blend and strength needed to ease pain, reduce inflammation, restore, rejuvenate, and relax.  And once you find the right solution, we can deliver within the Chicago metro area.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or text.  We’re here to help get you through the day, naturally.

Kush-n-Hop, LLC
Rogers Park, Chicago, IL

Best Sellers

Deep Tissue Cream


A luxurious blend of essential oils that work together in perfect harmony, giving Deep Tissue its exquisite signature scent and exceptional results. Deep Tissue can be topically applied to painful areas for targeted therapeutic relief, or used with a full-body massage for a truly blissful, one-of-a-kind experience.

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Daily Restore CBD Oil

Daly Restore OilThose who deal with chronic pain know that just getting through the day requires endurance. Daily Restore is not a cure or a substitute for prescription medication, but it can help to make things tolerable so you can function.

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Therapeutic eye cream

Designed to quickly reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Daily use can also help repair fine lines and skin cell damage from exposure to harsh elements in our daily lives such as wind, UV light and dryness.

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Who We Are

Kush-n-Hop is a company run by people with visual impairments. We provide luxurious health and skin care products infused with pure CBD isolate, allowing you to energize, restore, rejuvenate, and relax.

Our products help ease chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve mobility and activity. We feature a full line of therapeutic and restorative skin care products. Our catalog is all natural with no chemical additives or side effects.

Kush-n-Hop is a licensed distributor of Lacuna Botanicals.

Learn about Angie, Kush-n-Hop’s founder.

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CBD vs. THC?


CBD is the therapeutic component in cannabis and was de-scheduled in the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD does not have mind-altering effects. Instead, it works to reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system. For that reason, CBD can help to ease joint pain, reduce swelling, soothe muscle and body aches, and rejuvenate your body. CBD will not cause a positive test for marijuana use.


THC is the mind-altering component in cannabis and is Federally regulated. THC has beneficial effects for specific severe and debilitating medical conditions. If you think you might benefit from medicinal THC, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health or your state medical marijuana program administrator.


Terpenes are the flavors and aromatic components of all plants. There are many different terpenes, and each plant produces its own unique blend. When used in combination with CBD, different terpenes will give different effects. Lacuna Botanicals has studied these effects and blends terpene extracts to produce specific effects – restorative, energizing, relaxing, or a balance of all three.

Unlike other brands, Lacuna Botanicals uses pure CBD isolate, not a broad-spectrum “hemp extract”. That means we are reporting the actual CBD content for full potency, making our products highly effective and consistent. Pure CBD isolate also means that our oils contain no THC, as verified by independent laboratory testing.

Zero THC, no side effects, no safety concerns

Blended essential oils from 36 different botanicals for premium scent, flavor, and effectiveness

Products distributed by Kush-n-Hop do not contain THC.

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CBD Oils

High potency oils to help you get through the day. Pure CBD isolate and specialized terpene blends ease pain, reduce inflammation, and keep your mind clear.

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Therapeutic Creams

Targeted pain relief for joints and muscle aches. Highly effective blends of botanical oils and pure CBD isolate to penetrate and relive pain where you need it.

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Luxury Spa Products

Pamper yourself with our anti-aging formulas that will soften, tone, moisturize, replenish, and rejuvenate. Pure botanical essences and CBD isolate combine to heal and restore.

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For Pets

For cats and dogs! Your pet is a member of your family. As they age, they start having the same kinds of joint pain and soreness we do. Our Canine and Feline formulas are made from all natural ingredients, with wild Alaskan salmon and fish oils for a taste your pet will love. Infused with pure CBD isolate to help reduce inflammation and ease pain. Just a quarter to half dropper daily will keep your best friend active, healthy, and happy.

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I have been using Lacuna 3X deep tissue for about 1 year. The Deep Tissue gives me relief from tight muscles in my lower lumbar area. It helps relieve tight muscles and muscle pain in my hip muscles as well as my quads.

In my experience I will feel a lot of relief in 20 minutes after the application of the deep tissue. I usually use a pre-measured squirt from the jar on each area. I rub it with my fingers across the muscle direction. Not the long way of the muscle but the shorter distance. I reapply 2 or 3 times per day.

The cream has a nice smell and rubs in really well. Not a greasy residue on your skin or clothes. I always wash it off my hands when I finish applying.

Manon K

I’ve suffered with back pain, starting in my mid-20’s. Now I’m 72 years old and still kickin! I’ve got scoliosis they said was genetic and in my 50’s it became profound. The doctors took some cool pictures but offered nothing without surgery. They told me I was responsible for my own condition. Opiates killed my stomach and so physical and nutritional therapies are all that’s left, until November of 2018 when I started using Daily Restore CBD oil. I use it in my NutriBullet, and the Deep Tissue muscle cream really works when I want to be out living my life. I still have pain but since I started using Daily Restore, it’s much easier to do what I want. Also I’m on the lowest dose (1x strength) so that gives me room to grow. In addition my exercise and stretches have increased benefit. My body seems to like it. Thanks guys!

Sandra W